Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Designing a website for mobile is a great art, we have to keep lots of important things before we do mobile web designing, some are fast loading, easy to read, easy to navigate and easy for people to reading.

With the increasing internet browsing commotion on Mobile phones, businesses worldwide require ensuring that their websites are companionable & compatible with mobile / smart phone browsers and ought to have a mobile version of their website. To arrive at your site, customers' type in your usual domain name and the machine's browser mechanically redirects the user to the mobile version of your site. Customers are been taken to your mobile web home page that is uncomplicated & effortless to read and right to the point on messaging.

Classic Designs.In, offers Mobile Website Designing services to guarantee a great understanding of your website on smart-phones, mobile, PDA's. Our expert mobile web developer's crew brags about its proficiency in recognizing a variety of mobile browsers and consequently expands content to robust in most mobile browser. We also demeanor streamlined & sincere investigation of the existing website and appraise the most noteworthy content for mobile browser compatibility. Our web designers have been providing high-quality website designs and complex web applications such as online booking, vacation rentals, travel & tourism, luxurious yacht charter websites, match making, and social networking sites. We will work with you to create a dynamic website which will give you continuous leads and high revenue making your dynamic website as the best marketing investment you ever made.

Principles of Mobile Web Design

» Websites using tables for layout will not render well on mobile handsets. The site must use CSS for layout

» The site must be coded using either XHTML or XML

» Character encoding should be UTF-8

» Bear in mind different screen sizes of mobile users. The largest screen size available is probably 640 x 480, whereas the average is closer to 120 pixels

» The most important information of your site must be right at the top of the page as it can be very time-consuming for browsers to read through

» Text entry can be quite difficult. Users prefer to select values from a list of choices, such as radio buttons or lists

» Images should be jpeg or gif.

» Always provide a 'back' button or link, since many phones don't include a back button

» The maximum total page size recommended is 20 kilobytes

» Remember that your users are paying a lot of money to access your site, so make sure it is definitely worth their money!

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