Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

"Pay-Per-Click" is a modern approach to advertise your Products and services on Internet. Traditionally, if you placed an advertisement on a website, you would end up paying a fixed amount of money every month irrespective of if any visitor actually saw your advertisement on that website and visited your own website. In such a scenario, there was no guarantee on the returns for your investment. Another disadvantage in this traditional advertising method is that there is no guarantee that your advertisement is even reaching the correct target audience for you.

This is where Pay-Per-Click, commonly called PPC comes into the picture. The PPC model works on the advertiser is paying only for the display of an advertisement on another website if an Internet user searches for a particular product or service being provided by the advertiser "Just clicks" on his advertisement and visits the advertiser's website to find out more about it.

Why Pay-Per-Click from Classic Web Designs?

» We have a team of Experts who do an analysis of your advertising requirements, your business domain, your competition & your budget to tailor-make the most suitable PPC Campaign for you.

» We provide an in-depth report for you to understand your Return on Investment (ROI) for the PPC Campaign.

» We help you choose the most effective keywords when using PPC for Search Engines like Google or Bing so that you can get the highest possible ROI.

» We create a PPC Campaign for you keeping in mind Your Business so that you get maximum leverage in increasing the traffic to your website & hence increase in your business & your brand's visibility./p>

» We have Google Certified AdWords Experts who are experts with Search Engine related PPC Campaigns.

Pay Per Click Services provided by Classic Web Designs:

» Google AdWords

» Bing Ads

» Facebook Advertising

» LinkedIn Ads

» You Tube Video Ads

» Mobile Apps Ads

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